Papa and Moroho

Welcome to my Peace Corps Lesotho blog! This is a monthly chronological memoir of my Peace Corps service in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho from 2013-2015.

Featured posts:
XII. Pen-Pals & A Muddy Sunday
XXII. Entrepreneurship & Kittens
XX. Soccer, Durban Holiday, and a PC Thanksgiving
XXI. Public Service Games, Graduation Party, & Christmas at Ha Mathaba

Are you a current or prospective Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho? I hope you find my blog insightful and if you’d like to have a chat please don’t hesitate to reach out via the Contact form.

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XXX. Epilogue

Lumelang kao feela batho ba lefatše, (Hello to all people of the world) I have been intending to wrap up this blog/memoir for quite some time now. Every time I’d start writing a conclusion some new event slightly related to post-PC service would come about. It has been approximately 20 months since I’ve returned home and…

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