Papa and Moroho

Welcome to my Peace Corps Lesotho blog! This is an archived monthly chronological memoir of my volunteer service in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho from 2013-2015.

Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
II. The Final Countdown
III. Greetings from Lesotho
IV. Host Volunteer Visit and 4th of July
V. From Trainee to Volunteer
VI. PC Training, Kindles, and Horse Races
VII. The Beginning of Something Great
VIII. Exams and Thanksgiving
IX. Happy Holidays from Lesotho!
X. New Years in Cape Town, New Semester, & Future Projects
XI. Unit 1 Tests, Project Development, & A Birthday Surprise
XII. Pen-Pals & A Muddy Sunday
XIII. Rural Lesotho
XIV. Lesotho ICT Committee & a Car Wreck
XV. Child Prodigy & Kindles Round 2
XVI. Family Vacation – Southern Africa
XVII. One Year of Service, Completed Computer Lab, & Little Roses Football Club
XVIII. Attempted Coup D’é·tat, PCL Consolidation, & Ebola
XIX. HIV Initiative & LDF Jazz Concert
XX. Soccer, Durban Holiday, and a PC Thanksgiving
XXI. Public Service Games, Graduation Party, and Christmas at Ha Mathaba
XXII. Entrepreneurship & Kittens
XXIII. Abseiling & National Elections
XXIV. Penpals Round 2 & Conclusion of Football
XXV. Kindles Round 3 & Renewable Energy in Lesotho
XXVI. Matheko on the Move & A True Afrikaner Experience
XXVII. Penpals Conclusion & Soaking It All In
XXVIII. Bidding Farewell, COS trip to Italy, & A Humble Return to Chicago
XXIX. RPCV Presentations – Third Goal
XXX. Epilogue

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