1. Don’t eat yellow snow, Travis; unless it smells like beer. We are very proud of you and look forward to seeing you at Finn’s on Monday night.

  2. Hey T-Man! Hope all is well and you are getting into the swing of things? Reading about our soul in between reincarnated lives. Wild stuff. Say your prayers and stay safe. Cubs half game out of the cellar-Go Hawks!

  3. Our boys provided a real nail biter but prevailed. I think you can watch it streaming on Do you have internet? Dah! Game 6 Monday night!

  4. Hey Travis – I’m Maggie, a friend of Evans. Just wanted to say that I’ve so enjoyed your blog! It’s beautifully written, extremely informative, and just a joy to read. Thanks so much for keeping all of us at home in the loop!

  5. Hi Trav, I simply love reading your blogs. You write well so that in reading it, we can really get a feel for what you are experiencing. Although, living in FL, especially during the summer, it’s hard to relate to the 40 degree nights! I love the video of you playing soccer with the kids. A soccer ball among kids is definitely a universal language. You of course being the biggest kid! I look forward to your next installment. Take care. Stay healthy and safe.
    XO – Aunt Lorraine

  6. Hi Travis
    Wow – what a fantastic account of your life in Lesotho. Your descriptions of life as a volunteer has been so helpful! I’ll see you in June 2014 when the new Healthy Youth volunteers arrive for training!

    Thanks for paving the way – Stephanie

  7. Hey, Travis!
    I have been reading your posts all morning and all I can say is WOW. What an amazing experience you are having and giving! Hope you are well – it certainly looks as if you are!

    Miss you at West!

  8. Travis!
    From now I will follow you! Nice to read your blog!
    Hopefully you can see the link of my website I put up top. Let me know when Google translate doesn’t work properly, than I will translate for you.

    X Jean

  9. Hello Guys

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